5 Features that are must to include in Dairy Apps Development

By Partha Ghosh

dairy apps development

5 Features that are must to include in Dairy Apps Development

Dairy farming is practiced around the world for ages. Lots of new changes have come to the procedures of dairy farming in the last few decades. A major change observed in dairy farming is owners going for the dairy apps development.

But, the real question is if the dairy farms are really ripping benefits from the changes or not. If you are a dairy farm owner or have any connection with that field, you already know what I am talking about. From taking care of the herd to checking their health, you have to work hard in every aspect.

There is no doubt that a dairy farmer has to spend lots of hours and dedication in various activities like milking the cows, feeding them, checking their health, etc. But, if I tell you that you can do all these things from outside your firm? Finding it hard to believe? Well, after reaching the end of this article, I guarantee that it will not seem hard anymore.

What you have to do is to find a really good dairy farm app developer and add the customized features that you are going to need in the app. I understand that there are lots of ready-made apps available in the market that you can download to use for your dairy farm. But, those apps cannot provide you with every feature that you need.

That is where you need an app developer. Only they can make the dairy app fully customized for you. But, it will be better if you gather some information on your own about the features of the dairy apps. This will help you to develop the app as per your own requirement.

So, here are the top features that are must to have in a dairy app.

Features that are must in a dairy apps development

Management feature

One of the greatest features that every dairy apps should have is management functionality. Modern dairy farming involves various types of instruments, containers, machinery, etc. Using those items properly may be difficult but proper management and storage are more difficult. There is always a possibility of misplacement of the costly items. The apps can keep a record of all those items and details related to them. You can also put a tracker in each item to know their current position. This makes the apps a very good dairy farm technology.

It can do more than that. The app can keep a record of the medicine used for the animals. So, if any medicine is going to be out of stock soon, the app will notify you previously. This feature can work as a life savior if any animal is seriously ill.

Every kind of management related work of a dairy farm can be done with this app. That is what increasing the demand of the dairy apps development among the dairy owners.

Registration of the cattle

For the proper management of herds, you have to know how many cows are there in the group. And, the best way to keep a track on the number of the animals you have is by registering them. There is no need to go through the hard procedures of registration anymore as the app can do it for you. When you are going to tag your cows, the system will automatically register them in the app. This type of technological practice is widely used in dairy farming in Israel which is one of the leading milk producers around the world.

This will save lots of your time, money, and labor. It also has functionality that will inform you if you register an overage calf. It also has a notification system that will inform you about calf registration. So, if you leave a calf half registered, it will inform you to complete the registration fully. This makes it a vital feature to go for during the dairy apps development.

Keeping a record of the cattle movement

A dairy farm does not only deals with dairy products. Sometimes, they need to sell animals or buy more. Previously, it was really difficult to keep the record as they have to manage hard copy. Sometimes, the record goes missing or damaged in the course of time. But, such problems are not faced with apps. It can keep all the records of the animals moving in and out of the farm. Even if an animal is dying on the farm, you can keep that record with the app too.

You can say that all the hassle related to the paper works will become as easy as pressing a few buttons. This is another beautiful gift of technology that you can achieve with proper dairy apps development.

Breeding of the animals in a dairy farm

The breeding of the animals on a dairy farm is really crucial to find out. To know when a cow is ready to breed, you have to find out when they are in heat. Earlier, it was really difficult to track when a particular animal is in heat in a huge herd. But, now thanks to the dairy apps, there is no need to worry about missed heats. The app has a breeding feature that records heat observations, serves and scanning results. You can easily get all the information you want about breeding through the app.

The app can itself calculate the calving date of the cows and provide information to the users. You can also see the list of the cows whose calving dates are near or in heat. All these functions can be accessed with dairy apps development. It also notifies the user 7 days before the calving date of the cows.

Easy weight recording

Another feature that is possible to achieve with the dairy apps development is easy weight recording. Recording the weight of animals is one of the crucial factors as it tells a lot about their health. Weighting the cows from time to time can tell if they are getting proper nutrition or not. But, keeping a record of the weight of the cows is not an easy task. But, now you can make the work easy with the app. Just simply put the weight of the animal and save it. The app will automatically calculate and show you a summary of the weight record that includes average daily gain. You can also make the app more personalized by adding offline features. This will enable you to check the weight of the animals even if you are offline.

All these functions are available in online dairy apps as well as offline ones too.

Just imagine, if you use such highly advanced technology in your daily dairy farming procedures then how much quality outcome you can obtain. All dairy products that will come from your farm will be of the highest quality.

So, now that you know the remarkable features of dairy apps, you must be looking forward to moving to the next step.

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