4 Remarkable Strategies that can Save Your Organization from Phishing

By Partha Ghosh


4 Remarkable Strategies that can Save Your Organization from Phishing

In recent times, COVID-19 cases are not the only negative thing growing around the globe. Phishing is another dangerous aspect gaining exponential growth around the world. And the most common targets of the phishers are the corporate sectors.

According to the researchers from Barracuda Networks,

“COVID-19 related phishing attacks have increased by 667% since the end of February 2020.”

So, it has become highly crucial for corporate organizations to inform their employees with appropriate information about phishing. Only an informed mind can save him/her and their vital official data from the hands of these phishers.

According to a study of Q1 2020 Phishing Report,

“Apple, Netflix, Yahoo, WhatsApp & PayPal are the top 5 mimicked brands for phishing attempts.”

People seem to trust these brands mostly which delude them to fall in the pray of phishing emails. So, if you are a company owner, it is your duty to keep your employees updated about the wrongdoings going in the internet world.

You must not only inform them about the phishing methods but also the ways to save themselves and the official data too. So, it is important for you to first learn the ways of saving.

If you still haven’t read anything about such activities, there is no need to go through the bulk of internet pages anymore. Here in this blog, I have discussed some of the collective yet highly effective methods to save an organization from phishing.

Follow the given steps to avoid phishing scams

Think and learn before you click

When you are 100% confident about a site, i.e. your trusted site, there is no issue in visiting them. But, clicking on random emails or instant messages, is highly risky. It doesn’t matter if you have received an email in your official mailbox from your boss, you must always check the credentials before clicking on any link sent in the mail. The phishers have become smart and they are now sending phishing emails directly to the official mailbox of employees.

Remember to always check the source before filling out any form or clicking on any link sent in an email no matter from whom it came.

Installing an anti-phishing toolbar

There are many anti-phishing toolbars available that can be customized with internet browsers. The specialty of such toolbars is that it runs a quick check on the sites you are visiting and even compare those site with the known phishing sites for security purpose. So, you will be informed in advance about any such malicious site if you mistakenly enter any one of them. You can check out the free anti-phishing tools from the internet or build a customized one for your personal use which is better. Check out this professional company for such requirements: Click Here!

Updating online accounts from time to time

It is a habit of many of us to not check the accounts until an email pop up or something important comes. Also, most people do not give importance to the timely updating of their account information and security features. This is what the phishers take advantage of. To avoid any kind of phishing, it is important that you personally check all your accounts from time to time. Also, make sure to change the security feature like password after a few days or weeks. It is a great method to avoid leaking of your information in the hands of a phisher. Even if someone gets your password or information, they will not be able to use it because of such an action of yours.

Use proper antivirus software

Antivirus has some of the greatest security features like its guard against known technology workarounds and loopholes. The only work that you have to do is to update it from time to time. Scammers always get into new ways to fraud people. So, using proper anti-spyware and firewall settings is highly necessary when you are surfing the internet. The best thing these firewalls do is block the attacks before reaching any of your important credentials.

So, now you understand that knowing the correct ways will protect your organization from phishing and there is no need to fear it anymore. Just remember the tips given above.

Remember, ‘Your safety is always in your own hands’!

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