A Short Study of the JavaScript Technology

By Sujata Biswas

A Short Study of the JavaScript Technology

In this blog, I am going to share with you some notes about the JavaScript. JavaScript is a client website scripting language.

It is an object-based scripting language, lightweight, and it is designed for cross-platform working. It is also interpreted programming language.

It can be written within any part of HTML document with the help of script tag.

[ javascript coding]
<h1>Hii I am using javascript</h1>
<div id=“demo”></div>
document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML=“It is a scripting language.”

With the help of JavaScript, we can give a dynamic look to our web pages. And it also change the html content.

Advantage of JavaScript:

  • Less server interaction
  • Immediate feedback
  • Rich interfaces

Uses of JavaScript:

  • Form validation
  • Dynamic drop down menu
  • Display date and time
  • Dialog box
  • Animation effect on the web pages
  • Display popup windows

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