Is your kid okay in new normal? Here is 3 EdTech that will ensure your kid’s all-round well-being!

By Partha Ghosh

EdTech Development Service

Is your kid okay in new normal? Here is 3 EdTech that will ensure your kid’s all-round well-being!

Now and then we remember our school and college days as the best days of our life. And the memories that strike our mind when we remember our school and college days are not the classes or studies. Instead, we remember the times we spend with friends outside and inside the classroom. We remember our graduation day and the dreams of new possibilities we share with our friends.

Millions of kids have lost this opportunity because of the pandemic and the new normals in the last 19 months. This situation has highly impacted their complementary interaction, social and mental health.

According to research made by the OECD recently,

“Young people were 30% to 80% more likely to report symptoms of depression or anxiety than adults around the world”

In this time of chaos, EdTech has been working as a savior to boost the children’s mental health. Many countries are adopting this modern technology because of the offerings it has for the young generations. And the best part is, it is highly cost-effective than other available methods.

So, if your organization is looking for an EdTech development service, you should know what it has for your kids. We will discuss those parts of EdTech in this blog.

3 remarkable offerings of the EdTech development service

AR/VR with AI technology

Modern AR/VR technology has diminished the distance to a great extend. Now, you can take a virtual tour of any part of the world and even out of this world without moving out giving a more real than reel feel. With the help of AI-modified AR/VR technology, your kids will be able to meet their friends, attend a classroom with everyone, and even share their emotional time. This is much more than watching a boring screen of the laptop in a video conference call. They will be present in the classroom with their friends.

This will encourage kids to share more time with the outside world from the safety of their home enhancing their social and communication skills.

EdTech Development Services

Live-action in EdTech development service

One of the amazing features that make EdTech a great medium for learning is live-action. Now, kids can learn from videos that will be customized according to their learning ability and courses making the subject more interesting. The teacher, student, and classroom were never this much interesting before the use of the live-action videos.
Streams like STEM classes have become so much interesting for the new generation that many are opting for it as their career choice and doing good.

Interactive sessions like never before

With the use of modern EdTechs discussed above, it is now possible to turn boring online classes highly interactive. Now, there is no need for the classes to be one-sided. Some of the options for making virtual classes interactive are:

  1. Asking for feedback and opinions from the students.
  2. Let the students choose the platform and path to achieve the study goal instead of making one for them.
  3. Encouraging peer evaluation is the best way to make everyone feel like getting proper exposure. This will keep the competition and fire alive.

All these are possible with the advanced techniques of EdTech development services.

Wrapping up

Children are the future of every country. So, if these beautiful little buds do not get proper nourishment, they will never bloom to become beautiful flowers. So, we must provide every possible path for our kids to bloom. And EdTech development services are making this possible.

If you want to discuss or learn more about this progressive technology, let’s connect!

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