Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the Farming Industry!

By Partha Ghosh

Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the Farming Industry!

It is known to everyone around the world how dangerous COVID-19 has become for us, our life, society, and earnings. Everything is stopped at a point causing a huge disruption in the regular earning structure of people associated with various industries. One such industry who even after having the opportunity of operating in this lockdown is still facing great challenges is the farming sector.

You can say that they are the prime food provider to the mouth of crores of people in our country. So, it is important that they are able to perform their agricultural operations smoothly. But, for that, it is important that we encourage such people to accept the new technologies in their practices.

But first, the farmers have to identify the stages where they are facing obstacles. Only then they will be able to properly implement the technologies at the right spot where it is actually required.

If you are confused about what kind of obstacles I am talking about here, go through the points given below.

Obstacles and how to overcome them in the farming industry

Prices related to market and farm

As consumers are avoiding to go out as much as possible in this pandemic situation, the consuming rate has declined a lot. People are now preferring to order food items from online, delivered at the doorstep by sellers. This caused a decline in market price where farmers sell their products directly to the vendors.

So, if you want to keep your productivity and profit level high, it is important that you also accept the online methods in your mode of dealing. You can directly sell your products to customers removing the middlemen. It will not only help you run your business properly in this pandemic but also enhance your profit earning. What you have to do is to contact a quality e-commerce development company for acquiring the new platform.

Shortages of food and supply

The COVID-19 crisis has also disrupted the logistic industry creating huge challenges for other industries to deliver their product at various locations. Another fact is that people are ‘panic buying’ food items causing a huge shortage of necessary items in the market. To maintain the balance in the market, supply and purchasing should remain in an equilibrium state. Though the buying of items by people is not in your hands the supply is always in your hand.

Also, the disruption in the logistic can cause a vice-versa effect. It will be hard to get the fertilizers, duel, instruments, etc for proper farming. The simplest way to tackle this situation is by modifying your traditional agricultural methods with modern ones. Technology can improve the ways of operation and quality of products. With the utilization of technology, wastage will also decrease enabling you to achieve more in less. To know about these modern technologies like IoT, SaaS applications, etc, you can contact this expert for a free consultation.

Health, workforce, and safety of farmers

As traditional farming requires direct interaction between people and the use of the large workforce, safety becomes a huge concern for the farmers. The health of people associated with farming becomes a huge concern when social distancing is interrupted in this pandemic situation.

The modern technologies can help you to acquire more production in less workforce diminishing the social distancing problem. With modern machinery and technology, a single person can perform the task of 10 people. So, the safety concern is no more to worry about.

Now, as you know what are the obstacles and how to solve them, here is a little help for you to make your work easy.

You can contact Openweb Solutions, as they are one of the most popular and professional farming application development company. Their developers have years of experience in this kind of work. For further information, contact them at sales@openwebsolutions.in.

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