Employee retention – The prefect tips from Openweb Solutions

By John Dave

Employee retention – The prefect tips from Openweb Solutions

The success of an organisation depends on the strength of the team. We have moved to a time where everyone is on constant lookout for new opportunities. Losing a good talent will always be painful for any organisation. It not only affects the workflow but it also creates bad impact on other employees.

Retention of key performers is still critical. Keeping the top talents for years is still a major struggle for many businesses. At Openweb Solutions, we have really been successful in retaining talents with us for years.

Here are few tips how you can also do it :-

  • Steady growth – At Openweb Solutions, closely monitor the performance of each talent. We believe in growing together. We encourage people to make mistakes, that’s they learn. According to us, you really won’t grow if you don’t slip-up. That’s absolutely fine with. This is one of the reasons, why our team members love to stay back for year.
  • Proper training – We look at the return that we are going to get and not just the investment that we are making. Proper training can take the potentiality of an individual to the next level. Time and time again, we have taken the effort to train and bring up the capability.
  • We praise – We tell our team members where they are going right. From the management to the team leaders, all likes to celebrate together. With passing years we have noticed that when someone’s work is appreciated, the member sticks to the Organisation for a long time. Good works at Openweb Solutions, never goes unnoticed.
  • Constructive criticism – Appreciation does not mean we don’t find flaws in work. When something goes wrong, we sit and discuss, rather than shouting, we sort out things together. Yes, we point out the mistakes so that it is not repeated again. Engaging team members while troubleshooting actually helps the Company to retain talents for a long time. The sense of importance makes each one of them to stay back. Follow this step, you really won’t be disappointed.
  • Upgrading technology – Well the world of technology will always introduce something new. We believe in going with the flow. In a way it helps out team members to learn new things and update their knowledge.
  • Solving grievances – Our team of HRs make it a point to talk to each team member individually. A healthy relationship between the management and the employees keeps the work flow steady. In case of any problem, the our HR team puts head together to listen to the complaint. It gives a sense of security to the members.
  • Compensating properly – It is a tried and tested strategy to retain talent. Everyone works for a better compensation. If the talent and the work is compensated properly, the team members are left with no reason to leave the organisation.

Our years of experience taught us to experiment with different strategies. Employee retention is the toughest thing to do. It takes a lot of planning and strategizing for a company to find the right way to retain the employees. We at Openweb Solution understand that team building is an art and we follow strict rule to keep our team together as we believe in long-term commitment.

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