6 Significant Features of Stock Market App You can’t afford to Forfeit

By Partha Ghosh

6 Significant Features of Stock Market App You can’t afford to Forfeit

It is the age of industrialization where the survival and growth of a company highly depend on the implementation of technology in their business. When it comes to the stock market, the vitality of technology implementation becomes double. A small revolution in the world of technology like the stock market software development has become a great helping hand for the stock marketers.

Of course, you also know why right? In the world of trading, every second count. Delay for a few seconds can become the cause of a big loss. Let me share an experience from my friend to make it clearer.

“My old pal, Rohan is a businessman from Asansol. Besides being an amazing businessman, he is very passionate about trading. So, he has the trading terminal installed in his cabin. Whenever he goes on the round in his factory site, he has to rush towards his cabin every time his stock price changes lucratively. Unfortunately, he misses potential profit lots of time. This never would have happened if he made the trade at the right moment.”

It is clear that Rohan would never have faced such problems if he implemented the latest technologies in his trading work. The exponential progress in technology has changed the way people have access to finance. Now everything is available at the tip of our finger.

From mobile banking to transfer funds, there is an app for everything. But, that is good for the finance and other baking sectors. When it comes to the stock market, it is important that you always use unique methods to earn profits. So, if you are going to use the same technology as others, it will not give you much of a positive outcome.

Now, you must be thinking then what should you do, right? Well, you can develop your own stock market app. Feeling surprised? No need to! You just have to find the right app development company, that’s all. They can develop a fully functional and customized trading app for you.

But, before you contact any professional app development company for a stock market application, it is important that you become distinctive about the features that you want in your app. An application without proper features will not give a proper outcome. Lots of features are available among which I have gathered 6 major ones. These features are a must to have in every stock market application.

Read the content given below to find out the features yourself.

Some powerful features of trading apps you can’t ignore

Protection: Application must be highly secure for users

Sectors like finance and investment always come with high risks. There is always a risk of data-stealing in investment which can cause you great losses. Security is the major aspect which should be a must in the latest stock apps. You are going to input lots of confidential credentials in the stock market app. So, it is important to ensure that the application has proper protective measures to protect your assets and personal information.

UI Design: A well designed and highly user-friendly app

Everyone is well aware that the stock exchange is not so easy to understand. So, it is important that you design such an app which is very easy to understand and use. The app can provide you with crucial information about the slight changes, monitor market information from stock exchanges, and perform other important tasks.

Accessible on various devices

The app that you are going to develop for trading should be accessible from various platforms. It should be developed to be accessed from desk devices and also handheld devices. Without this feature, you will not be able to check the stock exchange when you are outdoor.

Tracking real-time market data with the app

It is important that you are able to track real-time market data. Only then you will be able to always remain in touch with the market and get the latest data on-time for trading.

Smart notifications

Notifications is a simple yet highly effective tool of the trading apps. It will instantly give you a push notification and customized news of the scheduled events like earnings, dividends or spilt in advance. The notification is usually received in the form of email or SMS.

Additional features

The major features discussed above are must in a stock market app. But, there are some additional features whose importance can not be ignored also. They help users in various aspects. Some of the additional features of an ideal trading app are static and market analysis, history of holdings, stock market utility integration, and customer support.

Top app development company to contact for stock market app

These are some important features that you can implement in your new stock market app. But, for any kind of additional features, you need to get ideas. And such kind of technical ideas is only possible to acquire from the professionals. Instead of surfing the internet for hours, let me make your task easy.

You can get in touch with the famous and reputed web application development company Openweb Solutions. They have lots of experience in the stock market app and in various other domains like healthcare software, education software, open source software development, etc.

They not only have dedicated and skilled developers for app development but also have designers. Their mobile application development team can also develop the apps for the mobile operating system, i.e. Android and iOS.

For any kind of development work, help or query, you can contact them at sales@openwebsolutions.in.

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