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Travel & Hospitality Software and APP development Service by Openweb Solutions

  • Quality service

    By implementing the latest technology, increasing demands and expectations of the travelers can be fulfilled.

  • Competition

    New technologies will help you to always stay ahead in the competition and perform better than others in the same field.

  • Communication

    Our latest software provides a better platform to communicate with customers and understand their needs.

  • Analytics

    The software has the ability to track the customer's search and demands and help you to serve better by knowing the data.

  • Finance

    The software has inbuilt programming which will help you to manage all your financial matter also.

  • Calculation

    Total expenditure and earnings have a great impact on the business growth which is possible to calculate with this software.

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Travel & Hospitality Software and APP development Service by Openweb Solutions

Today’s digital era has greatly revolutionized the way people plan their travel. Due to immense competition, the survival and success of Travel & Hospitality companies depend on customized services and exceptional guest experience, before, during and after the travel.

Some to the key challenges faced by travel and hospitality industry are :

  • Meeting ever-increasing demands and expectation of travelers
  • Implementing new technologies to stay at par and ahead of the competition
  • Ease out the intricate lifecycle of customer acquisition and interaction.
  • Resource Optimization via capturing analytics to properly manage clients’ assets and inventory
  • Increased tax rate and its strong impact on global travel
  • Evaluating risks in investments to travel and hospitality infrastructure
  • Reduce costs and increase profitability

To meet such challenges Openweb Solutions assists companies from the travel and hospitality industry to meet their business requirements with its innovative, robust and cost-effective IT solutions . We help with our clients around the globe in this vertical to develop, manage and upgrade business process, thereby contributing in their business gains.

Our developers are experts in developing customized software solutions using latest technologies, social networking, location, mobile, and analytics that enables travel & hospitality companies with multiple benefits, like enhance the guest experience, improve operations, decrease costs of travel distribution, generate new revenue streams, improved customer loyalty and many more .

What We Offer

Our aim is to provide our client solutions to simplify their processes related to revenue cost equations management and existing business operations .

  • Enterprise Systems
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Navigation Systems
  • GPS Systems
  • Travel Process re-engineering
  • Improved Flight Systems
  • Transaction Processing Systems
  • Hotel Booking Engine
  • Hotel Revenue Management System with features like
    • Channel Manager
    • CRM with features like campaigns, loyalty programs, surveys, etc
    • Extranet with facilities to manage rates for different room types, policies, extras, incentives and others
    • Share hotel information, rate announcements, marketing campaigns on various social media sites
    • Mobile apps to access systems on the go
  • Sales Automation tool for MICE

We develop Travel & Hospitality software in a customized manner for your business needs !

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