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Telecom Software and APP development Service by Openweb Solutions

  • BSS

    Our business support system (BSS) helps with the charging and billing system, real-time billing, and other charging solutions.

  • CRM Systems

    The CRM system we develop allows you to engage with subscribers in multiple ways, customer account management, etc.

  • Self-service portals

    Our customer self-service portals are profile-based and personalized, secure, powerful and scalable, etc.

  • Analysis

    Our applications can track every single bit of data backed up with cloud solution which will help you to improve performance.

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Telecom Software and APP development Service by Openweb Solutions

The need for IT services within the telecom sector has been steadily increasing over the years, especially with the demand for telecommunication services. We at Openweb Solutions offer an array of Custom software development for Telecom industry for better management of their customers. We are one of the leading providers of custom software application development and have served clients across the globe.

Our services include the development of telecom software solutions, testing, implementation and maintenance of the developed telecom software solutions.

Our services include:


Witnessing the ever-growing transformation of the telecom industry, our clients are able to run their businesses in step with the change and create completely new business models thanks to:

  • Charging and billing systems
  • Flexible and real-time billing and charging solutions that enable:
  • 1. Subscribers to have instant control over their plans as well as benefit from multiple offerings;
  • 2. Operators to create various pricing models and personalized offers for several customer segments (thanks to CRM integration).

CRM systems -

We as a development company understand the importance of customers and retaining them. Our integrated CRM systems allows you to

  • Engage with subscribers in multiple ways:
  • Customer account management: tracking order history, channel activity, promotion response and others;
  • Loyalty program management: creating tailored offers, promotions and information on services and products;
  • Customer retention: predicting customer churn as well as increasing customer value and loyalty by using advanced analytics.

Customer self-service portals –

We as a company always believe in transparency and good development model. Because of that, we have integrated highly customizable customer self service model which eventually will lower your business expenditure. Our platform is built with Modern and interactive portals that are:

  • Profile-based and personalized;
  • Secure, powerful and scalable;
  • Integrated with business systems, data analysis tools and social media
  • Optimized for mobile phones and tablets.

All-round data analysis and reporting –

Nowadays data is the utmost important factor. With industries 4.0 revolution “Data is called as king” keeping that in mind we have developed our platform by which you can track single bit of data backed up with cloud solution which will definitely improve the performance of data-rich business processes through:

  • Data warehousing: aggregating data from multiple sources into a single, quick and safe database – we do the design and implementation;
  • Advanced reporting and visualization: customizable reports to evaluate campaign effectiveness, predict churn and gain strategic insights for further improvements;
  • Predictive analytics: optimizing marketing strategy by analyzing customer behavior through segmentation and history.

Corporate portals

Our fast and secure portals to help your team benefit from: Business workflow automation

  • Project and task management
  • Corporate knowledge base
  • Workforce management
  • Procurement management
  • Document management

Custom web and mobile applications -

To increase business agility with a custom application that is tailored to meet your specific needs. Here are some examples of the custom applications that we have implemented recently:

  • Mobile number portability system;
  • Salesforce automation system

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