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Specialized Tea Estate Software and App Development

Tea Estate Software and APP development Service by Openweb Solutions

  • Single point entry

    No duplication of data entry is possible with our software as it is updated automatically by the system.

  • Security

    We provide the best password-protected security system which will protect all your confidential data.

  • Ease of use

    The software that we provide is cloud-based, menu driven, with no complex commands, which makes it very easy to operate.

  • Perfection

    Developed on the basis of best industry practices for the tea industry that has efficient internal controls.

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Tea Estate Software and APP development Service by Openweb Solutions

Our custom Tea-estate software designed and developed to help you execute your production and marketing decisions .

Challenges and Opportunities

Tea estate business is comprised of several components:

  • Tea gardens / Plantation firms
  • Tea processing Units / Factory
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution facility
  • Retail selling

Like many other industries, Tea estate business also seeks an organized workflow, Improved productivity and most importantly, clear visibility over the entire business process. IT services have definitely penetrated in this industry to add more value, but unfortunately, that is still inadequate. There are many tea estates, or businesses in India who rely on pen-and-paper for their paperwork, And almost 90% of the tea-estates who are upgraded to computer-based systems, are actually using legacy systems, which are unable to get synchronized in real-time, and thus fails to facilitate productivity through automation!

The positive part of the above fact is: If you are managing a tea estate business, you are yet to uncover the most profitable version of it! Contact Openweb Solutions for a cloud based real-time ERP solution for your Tea estate business and enjoy much improved ROI!

How Openweb Delivers Business Value

Openweb Solutions’ cloud-based tea estate management application covers each and every aspect of your business in a modularized manner. We create separate modules to manage -

  • Tea plantation
  • Tea processing
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Selling
  • HR and payroll
  • Accounts and Finance, and finally
  • Reporting

The users of the system can have any time anywhere access to the application, and can thus communicate and contribute in real-time, irrespective of location!

Openweb Tea Estate Service offerings

Integrated, single point entry: updated automatically by the system to the different modules as needed. No duplication of data entry

Security- password-protected security system

Ease of use– Cloud-based, menu driven, no complex commands, real-time software, all files exported to PDF, MS-Excel as needed

Reduction in ration cost, unproductive man-days, tight control over labor and overall cost savings.

Integrated with Head Office accounting and MIS systems

Developed on the basis of best industry practices for the tea industry with effective internal controls

We develop software in a customized manner for your tea-estate needs !

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