stock-market Specialized Stock Market Software and App Development at affordable price

Specialized Stock Market Software and App Development

Stock Market Software and APP development Service by Openweb Solutions

  • Access

    The goods trading software that we develop has worldwide access to stock market and liquidity solutions.

  • Flexibility

    The stock market software we develop allows all kind of customizations.

  • Compatibility

    The stock market software that we develop can be accessed through both desktops and handheld devices.

  • Notifications

    With the implementation of this software, you will be able to get real-time trading alerts.

  • Feasibility

    The software is very easy to operate and understand for all level of stock marketers.

  • Operations

    The software works on a highly advanced interface that is very easy in finding, researching, and planning trades.

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Stock Market Software and APP development Service by Openweb Solutions

The evolution of new technologies and internet has simplified the Trading system and Trading Software and App Development is pioneering the online trading systems .

Trading software or trading app is commonly known as Market Analysis Software or market analysis app which allows traders and investors to manage/monitor accounts and place trades .

They are basically aimed to help investors in 3 major ways:

  • Stock decisions
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis.

Stock Trading software’s provide a more realistic and active approach to buy and sell stocks as compared to basic stock trading .

Our Stock Trading Software’s give online traders, dealers, and brokers global access to groundbreaking stock market and liquidity solutions by filtering out through thousands of stocks to find the ones that match your criteria . With Openweb solutions Stock Trading Software, you can guarantee that most of your money is kept with you rather than being paid in extra taxes.

Basic Qualities of good trading Software are

  • Worldwide access to stock market and liquidity solutions
  • Ease in finding, researching, and planning trades
  • Easy to navigate, simple interface, stable and extremely secure
  • Flexible, allowing all kind of customizations
  • Accessible from desktops as well as handheld devices
  • Real-time trading alerts
  • Easy and rapid switching between different stocks
  • Feasibility
  • Stability while using

When building a Stock Trading Software we make sure that through our trading software customers can get a very convenient and most reliable way to stock trading. Our Stock Trading Softwares come with a batch of interesting online features aiding internet trading users

Features and functions of Our Trading Software:

  • Real-time stock prices and streaming quotes
  • Live trading reports,
  • Advanced charting and analysis, to market watch, price alerts
  • Provide a platform for multiple exchanges BSE and NSE, MCX, Currency, Mutual Funds, etc.
  • Multiple charting options and analysis, fundamental and technical, tools
  • Multiple market watch on a single screen
  • Advanced filtering, letting you combine all the technical and fundamental criteria for better results
  • Customization for multiple items. One should also be able to make and save the customizations, unlike websites where you have to edit indicators every time
  • End of the day charting
  • Different Exchanges
  • Multiple Graph Studies
  • User-defined alert settings
  • Various calculators
  • Easily accessible reports
  • Enter your own formulas, which means you can filter out stocks easily, based on your own criteria

Openweb Solution is the well experienced Stock Trading Software Development Company , providing comprehensive trading software loaded with all the basic and advanced features . For a demo contact us at

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Openweb Solutions develops apps, websites and softwares for stock market domain . We have developed (Since 2010) many Stock Market Managament System using J2EE and PHP frameworks .