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Sports Software and APP development Service by Openweb Solutions

  • User management

    This sports software is developed mainly for the coach, parents, and management.

  • Competition scheduling

    Our software is also developed for the coach and admin to schedule a competition.

  • Push Notifications

    The software we design and develop has the function that enables to send alerts to players, coach, and field staffs.

  • Online registration

    Our software can be used for online registration into a particular sports event or game.

  • Ticket booking

    With this software, people will be able to book field tickets online and you can also send them time-slots, etc.

  • Information

    You will be able to gather information about the competition like timing, competitors and their key player's name, etc.

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Sports Software and APP development Service by Openweb Solutions

There is no denying that in this Digital era, technology drives us. And making great digital sports products is our goal. In Openweb Solutions, we strategize, plan, design, build and maintain our products to continually stay ahead of the technology curve. We believe technology and sport are the most dynamic, challenging and exciting environments to work in.

Our digital sports software products are build to engaging audiences. Our products are built with the ability to continuously deliver user engagement, interaction with the audience. It can also cater the requirements of global sports right holders, media groups, brands, gaming companies, and broadcaster.

Sports engagement is driven by truly excellent design and user experience. Our dedicated team of experts works hard and soul to deliver a flawless user experience. We have built this software so that it can display complex sports data in engaging ways that sports fans understand.

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower members to develop knowledge, discover new technologies, and make more informed decisions in the sports technology sector .

What our software offers :

  • User Management – For coach, parents, and management
  • Team Management – For coach and team manager
  • Field Management – Field staffs and club management with coach
  • Competition Scheduling – Coach and Admin
  • Team Calendar – Coach and management, store data of practice sessions as well as match days
  • Team Roster – For coach and team members.
  • Team News & Media – See what’s other clubs are doing from media
  • Push Notifications – send alerts to players, coach, field staff
  • Online registration
  • Field booking – Make the most of your fields by displaying available time-slots on your website and giving people the possibility send in field booking requests.
  • Competition Information – Track your competitors and their key players
  • Online payments – Sell membership, tickets, official merchandise
  • Quantify Training and Games
  • Be ahead with Sport-Specific Insights
  • Cloud-Based Analytics – Get the most out of the data

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