real-estate Customized Real Estate Software and App Development Service for Real Estate Brokers

Specialized Real Estate Software and App Development

Real Estate Software and APP development Service by Openweb Solutions

  • Complying Regulations

    We develop varieties of customized CRM solutions, personalized CMS solutions and mobile solutions that enhance customer’s approach while complying with government regulations.

  • Secondary Services

    Our service will enable you to enhance your sales process by analyzing customer behavior and various other factors.

  • Building Management

    This real-estate software will synchronize your offline business with online actions to enhance overall efficiency.

  • Flawless Applications

    Our real-estate applications go through multilayer testing which ensures that the application will not crash in future.

  • Professionalism

    More than 10 years of experience makes us one of the most professional real-estate app development companies.

  • Latest Software

    The real-estate software that we develop are all made as per the current market demand and using the latest technology.

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Real Estate Software and APP development Service by Openweb Solutions

Openweb Solutions is engaged in developing various high performance and critical applications in the Real Estate domain since 2006 . Some of the noteworthy applications developed by us include (but not limited to):

  • iShareScan application for kjayamedical LLC.
  • QDicom application for ACES Gmbh.
  • DentalTrax application for
  • iMet application for Boston Children Hospital
  • RIS application for kjayamedical LLC.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Every business faces challenges, and in our perspective, every challenge is actually a doorway towards success! At Openweb Solutions, we closely follow the challenges that our clients may have to face and derive a solution to that. Below are a few common operation challenges in Real-Estate domain, those are evident in almost every real-estate business:

Compliances and Regulations: Strict regulations are imposed by Governments worldwide on real estate sales, leasing, and financing activities, to facilitate augmentation of consumer service. These regulations, varying from state-to-state, include regulation of real estate appraisals, home inspections and auctions and licensing stipulations.

Centralization of Real-Time Inventory Data: The evolving advancements in industry practices call for replacement of the outdated MLS system with an amalgamated "single-source syndication CMS tool for streamlining the workflow of the realtors.

Consolidating Sales Process Focusing on Lead Management: A substantial number of leads reposing in your inbox doesn't equate to leased or sold property. In fact, more leads counterclaim more efforts at your end. Only qualified leads, when shepherded through a consolidated sales process, yield an advanced ROI.

How Openweb Delivers Business Value:

We associate with you to maximize the potential of our solutions to cater to your needs in the best possible manner. We also successfully develop full-cycle CRM solutions that will give your real estate business a competitive edge.

Complying Regulations: Build software solutions that can be accessed across multiple platforms, enabling you to expand your customer reach while complying with government regulations. We at Openweb Solutions, designs plethora of solutions mapping from customized CRM solutions, personalized CMS solutions and mobile solutions that integrate real estate listings with email alerts and SMSes.

Secondary Services: With our service, you can empower your sales process by analyzing customer behavior and formulating trend analysis and statistical reports based on local trends.

Building Management: Our solutions simplify the process of scheduling inspections and thus synchronize your offline business with online actions to increase the overall efficiency of your real estate business.

These above-stated solutions will be manageable from a customized admin panel that automates your business system and further reduces the overall costs by aiding you to make the most out of your property portfolio.

Real Estate Softwares By Openweb Solutions:

  • Auction/Property Portals
  • Online Property Booking
  • Auction Software/Reverse Auction Software
  • CRM/ERP Solutions
  • Online Property Booking
  • Tenant Billing and Collections
  • Cash Flow Modelling
  • Real Estate Expense Management
  • Mobile Applications/Mobility Solutions
  • Application Development and Maintenance

Openweb's Real Estate Service offerings

  • Custom development of real estate software including property management/preservation systems, real estate apps, listing databases, and more
  • Programming of real estate property management software for commercial, single-family, multi-family, vacation/short-term, and other property types
  • We develop industry-specific and multi-purpose CRM systems for real estate agencies including contact/account management, sales pipeline management, contracts, forecasting, collaboration tools for agents, buyers, sellers, managers, etc., document/file storage, calendars/task management, alerts/notifications, commission tracking, payment tracking, website management, and custom workflow features
  • We develop and integrate real estate marketing automation systems including e-mail marketing, drip program, lead capture, lead management, automated response, flyer/catalog management, templates/editing tools, landing page builder, A/B testing, SEO/content management, reporting/analytics, and other features
  • We integrate CRM/marketing automation platforms with social media including social listening functions
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) platform development and integration with real estate software platforms
  • Real estate software integrations with Internet Data Exchange (IDX, also Information Data Exchange) providers such as Penosys, Trulia, and Zillow
  • We develop real estate software for native, web-based (SaaS), and mobile platforms including mobile-optimized websites
  • We engineer mobile applications using HTML5 for responsive design across a variety of devices
  • We develop and integrate real estate management software with Contractor Price Opinion (CPO) platforms, applications for inspections, appraisals, performance management, and Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), plus multi-level system management platforms
  • Custom property management and preservation system software development including property databases, landlord/tenant databases, applicant screening, credit check, rent payment/tracking, accounting management (taxes, expense, insurance, etc.), and maintenance management features, plus white-label owner/tenant portals
  • We program custom document management applications for handling official notices, lease agreements, 1099s, work orders, unit inspection forms, and more
  • We develop role-based access security features and portal logins for super administrators, project managers, vendors, Real Estate Owned (REO) property managers, and others to access web-based portals containing personal/property information, contracts, showings, and more
  • We develop field service management applications for real estate software including GPS capabilities, time/date stamping, geolocation/geotagging, photo documentation, offline usage, automated synchronization when online, integrations to back-office software systems, desktop virtualization, and other features
  • Custom integrations of real estate systems with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resources (HR), accounting, property management, and other 3rd party software

We develop Real Estate Management System in a customized manner for your business needs !

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