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Helping Ziggma with a highly customized portfolio management system

Technology used


Laravel 5.6

Laravel is used for the backend service



MySQL database is used for the backend service



for the backend and services


Vue JS

version 2 is used in the front end

The beginning of a new story

Ziggma is one of a kind project that came to us. When this project came to us, we believe hardly people would give much importance to the arrangement of their portfolio even if they like to have an automated one. But, Ziggma came with a different idea that many have never thought before. We made several meetings with our client and then agree on anything. But, this time it was not the case. The way Ziggma’s client explained everything to us is like visualizing the entire picture in front of us. We can clearly see the enthusiasm and dedication of this client.

The objective of Ziggma is to make portfolio management easier. Without an app like Ziggma, it is time-consuming to keep up with everything that is going on in a portfolio (Risk, Diversification, News, etc.). This is why Ziggma has been built around a selection of portfolios, including the user’s real portfolio, that can be monitored and used for inspiration. We then extended Ziggma to stock research, where we believe it is now also (among) the best offerings on the market.


Obstacles to Overcome

Initially we face challenges with the client’s demanding style as most of them are unable to clearly express their thoughts which are common. But, this is not the case when it comes to Ziggma. We have already said that everything was crystal clear from the first day of the meeting. Also, the demands of the client are really straight forward. So, there also we didn’t have any problem. Even when we gave them some ideas of our own to implement in the app, they really liked it.

The only place where we had faced challenges was while connecting the user's real bank portfolios. We had tried different service providers that are available in the market like YODLEE, QUOVO, etc. to achieve the desired goal and finally decided to go with PLAID and their web service.

What we achieved

There are some unique functionalities that make this app stand out in the masses. We would like to highlight those points very much here.


One admin portal


One front end part where users register themselves either as a free user or taking a premium membership after selecting plan based subscription. Once users registered themselves, they will get a pre-selected sample portfolio which is managed from the admin panel, user can then create their own virtual portfolios or link their real bank portfolio through a 3rd party service provider called "PLAID" and watch the portfolio movement on daily basis.


It also lists all popular US-based stocks with real-time pricing which comes from another API provider called "INTRINIO".


It also performs analysis performance of each stock based on historical data that are kept and managed by Ziggma and collected from INTRINIO.

Final Result

The application’s interface is highly customized and attractive as stated by many users. All the sections are properly arranged under some specific categories like:

So, the users can easily find out what they are looking for instead of going through a bulk number of pages.

The application went live for just a couple of months and there are more than 200 users already registered. Few of them had also taken the paid subscription. So, it's a big success for us though it is still under active development for the enhancement of various features. We believe that Ziggma will be a great success for Openweb and its team as well as for our client.

What our Customers are saying

Even though they work remotely, communication is almost in real-time.


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