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Developing an application for the underprivileged people in the Netherlands where the Government will fund or give contracts to companies who will fulfill the essentials of people like the internet, TV or cable charges etc.

Technology used


Laravel 5.7

Laravel is used for the backend service



MySQL database is used for the backend service


Angular JS

Angular JS is used in the frontend

A great way of helping people

VLAPP stands for “Vaste Lasten App” which is Dutch for Fixed Charges App. Currently, account managers don’t have an overview of the contracts for their clients. With all kinds of contract types, contract companies, and contract dates there is a need for a platform that gives an overview of the account managers’ clients and the contracts of their clients. There is need of a system for account managers where they can add clients, add contracts per client and have client and contract information available in one platform: It actually has to give an answer on the following questions:

  • Which client is missing a contract?
  • When is my contract expiring?
  • At what contractor company client X has a contract?

This is where the Openweb Solutions role came into play. We helped VLAPP to build an app that fulfills all the above-discussed criteria. Our developers have been successfully able to implement the technicalities requested by our client so for.

Actually, the goal is to have a platform that every account manager will use to store their clients, client's contracts, and add new contracts from integrated contractor companies.


Obstacles to Overcome

The API used in the application was not very matured and no such organized documentation was there. This caused us to break every step of the API response and understand it on our own. Sometimes, the API was not working as it supposed to work and we need to set up a call with the API support team multiple times to make them understand what is going wrong and how we should get the API response in order to handle it in our application.

Setting up the filter in an Email server based on email subject and keywords used in the email body was never been easy.

What we achieved


There is one type of user for the VLAPP platform; the account manager. From now on the account manager is called user.


Clients are the persons within the account manager system where the user has a contract overview. Clients themselves have no access to VLAPP.

Contractor company

View all clients that have a contract at that specific contractor companies and view the government identification PDF per client. This is a must because the contractor companies need to verify the clients.


Admin must have the same rights as all users have together. Admin must have access to all clients of all users and have the same editor rights.

The system contains the following functionalities:


  • users can create an account.
  • users can retrieve lost passwords
  • users can change their passwords


  • users can Add clients manually
  • users can add clients via bulk (CSV import)
  • users can remove clients
  • users can edit client information

Contracts (per client)

  • users can add contracts on client level
  • users can see which contracts are scored and which not


  • users need to be whitelisted trough IP
  • users can chat trough built-in chatting system

Final Result

We are now in the user acceptance phase while the Client is testing the application with limited users and reporting bugs and enhancements which are absolutely specific to the business.

We are also planning for future up-gradation of the system and introducing the email client for the user who is now accessing their email only from the system itself.

But, so far we have been getting positive reviews from our client about the performance of the application. This proved that we have been successfully able to deliver the project according to the demands of our client. The best thing is that the application is made highly user friendly and organized for clients to find everything at the tip of their finger.

So, this is another success story created by the professional developers of Openweb Solutions.

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