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Building a highly customized school management app for TeachersInTouch

Technology used


Laravel 5.2

Laravel is used for the backend service



MySQL database is used for the backend service


Angular JS

Angular JS is used in the frontend

Story of a School Management

If we consider a place according to the respect people give most, educational institutes will come second to healthcare centres. The schools are the temples where the heroes of next-generation get their training. It is the place where the backbone of our society is made and a bright future to the next generation is shown. But, what will happen if the place known to solve problems of future generations face the problem itself? Yes, it will shake the pillars of our society by creating obstacles for students to learn properly. And the most common form of obstacles schools faces is mismanagement or difficulty in managing their official works. A teacher can only freely teach their students if their full concentration is on the teaching. But sometimes, the official works distract the teachers and prevent them from giving their full potential.

To eliminate such kind of difficulties from the schools, TeachersInTouch software has been developed. We were really happy when we came to know about this project from the first day. We understood that these are some of the few projects that give us the opportunity to serve society. So, without any hesitation, we accepted the deal only after a few discussions with the client.

What the client wants from us is to develop a school management app that will have the potential to manage teacher and student activities like different kinds of paperwork, class schedule, attendance, etc. in a school. But, this was the initial requirement which has changed a lot as per the client’s requirement and our expert’s suggestion. The client has made the decision of changing or adding new features to the app after seeing the work and delivery of our professional developers.

Now, lots of enhancement making are still in the process to make it a highly useful app for the schools and teachers on their daily demand.

Initial Demand of the client

  • One super admin who will manage everything.
  • Individual registration of a teacher in a school
  • Teacher’s access to manage his/her students and everyday activity (Initially the teacher will get 30 days free trial to do everything. After 30 days trial, the teacher must take a paid subscription to continue).
  • School admin access (add their teachers and provide them with credentials to login and do the same as an individual teacher)
  • Super admin access to add schools and their teachers (manage everything)

Obstacles to Overcome

The initial development of the app was done by other organizations. That's why understanding their architecture of the code, database, etc. and keep working on enhancements and meet the timeline parallelly become a great challenge for our developers at the beginning. Further on, we have also faced some light challenges while implementing the enhancements in reality. But now, it is stable and on track thanks to our expert developers.

What we achieved

Teacher Side

1. Add/edit students and manage their profile by the teacher. Create different strategies/plans as per the student's ability and execute them.

2. Paperwork like student report based on their learning ability(reading, writing, etc.), behavior (in a class), academic record, attendance, and many more, make the printed version of the report and send them over email to their parent/guardians.

3. Add and schedule a class as per the subject of the teacher, assign students to the class, take daily attendance and comments.

4. Write daily events/log based on student's activity/quality, behavior either positive or negative in a class towards other students and teachers and send an email, chat, or SMS to their parent/guardians.

5. Report on communication between teacher-student and parent/guardians, attendance, academic, behavior, and different paperwork activity with an option for print and download.

6. Student culture based on different attributes like academics, activity in the class, achievement, participation in different events, and accordingly award/subtract points.

School Admin

1. Manage teachers.

2. Summary of all teacher's activity, analysis and generate/view report using graph/chart.

Super Admin

1. Manage schools and their teachers, individual teachers.

2. Manage subscriptions/subscribers

Final Result

Application is both in production and development, as enhancement is still going on. It will be better to say that it is a big success for us from where we have started in terms of achieving the goal and the relationship built with the client.

The final result till now is really good and satisfying to the client. Some of the features that make this app better than others are as follow:

Easy to log in and sign up

Our team of professional developers emphasized the development of these factors as they know how important it is for protection. They have built a solid protection mechanism by creating a highly secure login and user authentication system.

User-friendly UI

Our developers have given special attention to the user interface of the app. They have tried to make it as easy to operate as possible. So, it doesn’t require a person to be high tech-savvy to operate the app.

Schedule Demo

In this section of the app, our developers have given an opportunity to non-registered users of the app to take a test drive. They can operate the app from this part to know it better before registering.

Other sections

There are other sections of the app that has their own importance like Features, Pricing, Blog, Tour, and About Us. All the sections are arranged perfectly in a categorized manner so that the users do not have to go through the bulk of pages to find what they are looking for.

The app is still under development as new ideas are being implemented right now as per the demand of the client. Soon, it will become one of the greatest customized school management app.

What our Customers are saying

They don't treat you like an everyday client. You feel like you're really important.

Hajj Womack

CEO, Innovative School Tools LLC


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