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Opal Planpoint

Building a next-generation web and mobile based communication network for Opal Planpoint

Technology used


Laravel 6.x

used for Web platform and service API


PHP 7.4

used for web platform and service API


Ionic 4

For App development, Ionic 4 is implemented

Client’s vision cum demand from us

Our client's vision is faster and accurate execution of the below mentioned process with one application.

  • Network design & planning, and network build & installation through the planpoint web application and the planpoint mobile app.
  • A55 plans and Dfe are two different types of plans which must be added from App and synced in the web platform for view, edit, and update.
  • Also Point to point is one of the complex features which is a diagrammatic representation of the route of the network. The diagram is slider based and each block of the diagram should interconnect with the A55 plans
  • Managing the underground and overhead network design with different cable types logically provided by the system. So, users can plan out a long network topology with a graphical representation.
  • Overview report, where the type of plan is either have any blockage or congested, or trees cutting the system. This will provide the sorting and summarised data set to the user where it is easily accessible in a simple manner.

Obstacles faced

Engineers can add the A55 and Dfe plan from the app with low or no signal area. Implementing the features of the offline map mode and syncing the data in the database which will be editable from the web platform that includes curved polyline and an nth number of coordinates had become a great challenge for our developers. Although, it is successfully implemented by overcoming the complexities in later phases.

What we achieved

How to be part of the system?

Client eager to have a web platform where one can register as a company and avail the app/web application which includes various type of user roles for a better experience of data view and secure the information categorized with individual department and job role.

Once the company admin is successfully registered into the system, he can add/invite up to nth no. of other admins, managers, sub managers, and staffs into the application with the combination of the region and department on which they are part and work directly.

Hassle-free automatic online payment of a monthly basis for each user is also available. You can also unsubscribe the invited user for not paying until the next month's billing is facilitated.

Also, if any company prefer offline invoice payment, there is also an option for that too during the registration process

What is the so-called schedule provided?

It offers system network infrastructure services with A55 and Dfe plans from the app and stores them in web applications. The details are then showed in-app users as well. The web platform also provides the statistics, report generation, and public view of the plan without logged in into the system.


Most of the features are achieved by our expert developers like Network design & planning, and network build and installation. The delivery of the project is also done on time as discussed earlier. Our client is very happy with the final product and is in constant touch with us for more enhancement work and other project related matters.

What our Customers are saying

We have a working web application as per our requirements, enabling us to meet our milestones.


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