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Technology used


Laravel 5.2

Laravel is used for the backend service



MySQL database is used for the backend service


Angular JS

Angular JS is used in the frontend

Story of a Law Firm

A responsibility to help people find justice is always on the shoulder of a lawyer. The time to study, find clues, and create a proper case to achieve justice is not an easy task to manage. But, in the management of all such matters, a significant part of law firm remains untouched, i.e. management. At Openweb Solutions, we always dreamed about making one such management app that can make the excruciating work a child’s play for the law firms.

And this dream cum opportunity became real when Nextlaw’s project associated with us. They wanted to develop a SaaS based ERP portal for the Law firms, to manage their firms easily.


Obstacles to Overcome

The first matter that we have to take in consideration after the finalization of the plan is finding out what can go wrong in advance. Our clients find this quality of ours as one of the most efficient strategies. We perform such task to ensure that we do not have to face any issue later after reaching a certain point with the work. At that time it might be more time taking which we don’t like, i.e. to waste clients valuable time and money. Our policy is to always remain transparent and honest at every step of work.

Almost every project have some obstacles at the beginning but here a miracle happened. Functionalities were discussed in the beginning. Accordingly, wireframe was also developed and approved from client. Also, our development team were technically capable enough to handle functionality. Hence, nothing to mention as obstacles here!

What we achieved

After a thorough discussions with the client, we fully become aware of the client’s demands. What he proposed to us is not just some regular ERP app but a technology of whole new level. We discussed the matter with our expert developers and project manager, and sent the quote within just 24 hours.

After Nextlaw’s approval we begin our work from the next day. But, what was the demand/dream that Nextlaw came to us with?

They wanted a SaaS based ERP portal for the Law firms that will contain the following:

A portal with 3 user types:

  • Law firm admins
  • Layers
  • Clients


Lets begin our story from the starting or the first point, i.e. Law firm Admins

It is obvious that the Admin will have the full access to the portal. So, we suggested to give high importance to this section. So, the Law Firm Admin is designed to perform the following activities:

- Manage layers

- Manage clients

- Manage cases and contracts

- Keep track of hearings

- Dedicated document management system, where law firm can have all their cases and contracts related documents

- Track Lawyers activities on all the cases and contracts

- Manage Invoices

All the above requirement are for the Admin section. And only the person having the admin_access can access this portal.


Then next comes the Lawyers section. In this section, only those lawyers associated with the Nextlaw firm will have access to these:

- Updated cases and contracts

- Keep track of hearings

- Manage case and contracts related documents

- Update their activities on assigned cases and contracts


And the final one is the client section. The clients that are associated with Nextlaw will have access to these:

- Keep track of their cases

- Communicate with Lawyers via chat

- Review invoices

Final Result

Instead of developing a quick products for the client, our developers have again achieved their goal by developing a fully integrated Law Firm web app (This app is also available in mobile version too which is developed by our expert mobile app development team).

Now, the clients and lawyers associated with the Nextlaw firm do not have to go through the time taking and excruciating traditional management methods of the law firms. A bulk of same category pages are stock under one single smart search option place on the header section. So, now the clients and lawyers of Nextlaw do no have to go through bulks of pages to find their needs. Following categories can be found on the top of the website:

There is also a download button through which you can instantly and easily get the app in your device.

Working on the Nextlaw app gave us an opportunity to fulfil our dream of doing something nice for the hard-working, law maintaining heroes of our society. We know that working on such projects is not an everyday story. But, when we get the chance, it become our utmost pleasurable moment.

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