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Building a noble management system for orphanages throughout different locations in the UK for Clientbridge

Technology used


Laravel 5.1

for the back end and APIs


Vue JS

is used partially for frontend part



MySQL is the database

A small step for a big cause

Openweb Solutions is always known to take projects not just for money but to contribute something to the society as quoted by our clients. And this project is another proof to make our client’s quotation right. When Clientbridge’s project first came to us, we were not much sure of the quality of the project as it is a pre-built one. But, after having a few discussions with the clients and coming to know about the area of use of the project, we immediately said yes.

To help Orphanages manage their daily work, routine, discipline, and system easily, this app has been developed. The prime demand of the client is to develop an orphanage management system throughout the different locations in the UK. We have suggested some new features in the app that can help them in business also. They like the plan very much and thus the deal was signed.


Obstacles to Overcome

At the beginning of the project, it was quiet challenging to understand the system from clients side and continue working. From our end, we faced some difficulties while implementing some features in a digital version. One of them is form builder where admin can set the different form for various paperwork. Initially, there were some pre-built forms to manage few paperworks. But, now the system has everything dynamic and running thanks to the sharp mind and professional work of our developers.

What we achieved

The app is initially based on a few user roles to manage the application according to their position.

Among roles, there are staff from different category like Manager, Deputy Manager, TL, Inspector, Specialist, HR, and many more that exist in a big organization. As per the roles, they have access/permission to the application to perform their task.

Other than these roles, there is one special role known as a super admin who can manage everything and have all the permissions that other users have.

One of the amazing functionalities of the app is that it has more than 50 roles from different categories right now.

The prime goal of the client is to build an app that can manage even the smallest of the works present in an organization to completely remove the paperworks. Every smallest of the paperwork work is possible to perform with this app.

In one word, in an orphanage, what happens 24/7 is possible to manage from this application.

It is a centralised application which manage their organisation and clients located at various places in the UK.


Still, the application development is in progress for various enhancement and features. We are on track and confident to achieve the final goal of the application. Currently, we are also working on the mobile app version of the project and recently introduced it to rebuild the application in a higher environment and configuration with multi-tenancy support.

What our Customers are saying

I found Openweb able to communicate the problems they found and even fix what we needed.


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