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Technology used



Backend and web services are developed using CodeIgniter


Angular JS

The frontend is developed using AngularJS



MySQL is the database

Idea of building something new

Beginning the career as a start-up with limited resources and budget, Openweb Solutions knows the pain of finding a proper space. So, since the day we have rented our first building for office, we made up our mind to do something for the renters, buyers, and property owners. And this never-ending dream of ours become reality when ByTheHomeOwner’s project came to us.

The client of this project has a marvellous idea to build a web app that allows Buyers and Renters to buy or rent houses according to their needs in all over the UK, listed by property owners


Obstacles to Overcome

There is always some challenge in every project that we receive. We have already discussed one such challenge about this project in the functionalities section. But, there was another challenge that we had to overcome also. Initially, a couple of challenges were faced before the finalization of the scope, as multiple interactions happened to list out the most important function which will help the business to grow. Finally, everything is on track and no further challenges faced.

What we achieved

After having some quick discussion with our team of developers and clients, we understood the actual demand is not just like any ready-made app available in the market. Our team really liked the challenge hidden in the idea and accepted it.

We also suggested some changes and new features that were liked by the client. Thus, we proceeded further. The quotation and breakdown analysis was sent within just 48 hours. And with the acceptance of the client, the project began.

Initially, the client wanted to go with the web application, which has 4 user types,

  • House owners
  • Buyers
  • Renters
  • Agencies/agents

Let get to know about each section of the app part by part!

House Owners

First, we have developed the section for the house owners. We had given this part first priority because without the registration of property, how will people rent or buy it. So, we developed this section where the owners of the house or property can register and add their properties. A wonderful thing about this feature is that multiple properties can be posted by a single owner. So, the house or property owners do not have to go through the hassle of creating different accounts for different property or house registration.


Then comes the buyers of the property. It is clear from the search result of different Search Engine Optimizers that people nowadays mostly choose the online platforms to look for a house. This single app has the capability to perform multiple tasks. So, the house or property buyers can register and search for properties to buy through the same app. Some of the task that buyers can perform using this app are:

Upon finding a suitable property, the buyer can make an offer, ask for open house sessions and message owners through the system.

Upon finding a suitable property, the buyer can make an offer, ask for open house sessions and message owners through the system.


The functionalities are similar to buyers. The only difference is that people coming under this category are not looking for a home to buy. So, we have designed this section to help people find a suitable home to rent according to their budget plan.

Agencies / Agents

There is a section for the agencies or agents also. As we know that agencies or agents are property related service providers, who will help House Owners to sell/rent their properties on their behalf. So, there is a section where agencies can sign up into the application and add new agents into the system to assign them against a property for all property-related services. This app can be used for management purposes also.

This is how the agencies or agent section work:

Regarding properties, a property can be added to the system by the House Owner or an assigned agent by paying ByTheHomeOwner defined charges. There are other property promotional packages available, which will bring a property at the top of the search listing and make it stand out from the rest.

Final Result

This is how our dream for doing something for the real estate sector got wings. Initially, companies try to build an app quickly to meet their deadline. But, this client of ours has no such requirement or issue. He understood very well that to build something exclusive, you have to be patient.

Almost every section of the web app has reached its final stage. Now the buyers, renters, and property owners do not have to worry about going through the difficult route of real-estate. Few simple clicks, and that’s all.

In the app, we have brought the bulk of pages under one category to make it easy for people to find their needs. Some of the categories the web app have are:

The app is still under active development, as the client has come up with some great new features. We are on track in terms of achieving the final goal to develop a great and successful application very soon.

What our Customers are saying

When I has an issue with the design, I was given an updated version within one hour.

Steve Gisanrin

CEO, Real Estate Platform


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