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400 Hugs

Building a Highly Customized Quote calendar and multifuncational organizer consisting of attractive features for 400 Hugs

Technology used


Laravel framework

For the back end and APIs


Angular JS

Version 1 for the frontend & different JQuery library

A simple yet highly essential need of everyday life

In today’s busy schedule and hectic life, everyone seems to look for a way to organize and execute their works accordingly without too much involvement. 400 Hugs is one such kind of project that we enjoyed while working on. 400 Hugs is a customisable quote calendar and multifunctional organizer where user can add their own photos and messages to make a gift! This seems to us as a great idea and challenging too as there are so many extra features that we needed to work on simultaneously. And we accepted the challenge and started the journey with 400 Hugs.

The client wants to build an app where a user can customize the gift set with their own quotes and images, and can upload images from their social media accounts (Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram, Flickr).

And the second thing that he asked for was one back office where everything is managed.


Obstacles to overcome

The only time we faced a challenge with this client is on a certain requirement. The issue is not from the client-side. The difficulty aroused when the client asked for a calendar/organizer's visibility in the app. The customization of the app as per the user's choice with their own photos and quotes was bit difficult initially. But, we are proud to say that finally it was completed successfully.

What we achieved

There are many functionalities present in the application. But, the prime ones for which our client approached us are as follow :


User can chose a different set of quotes from different category, different card style, and see the list of stock images for the selected category.


User can replace up to 35 number of images/quotes with their own photos and upload maximum 400 photos which will be kept for 18 months.


To place orders, the user needs to be logged in/registered and make the payment.


Admin panel will have all the management section for cards, quotes, images and user order.

Final Result

The aim of Openwebians is always to deliver quality without hampering the deadline. So, instead of providing a quick solution to our client, we developed a fully integrated solution for 400 Hugs within the quoted time. We have successfully achieved what we agreed to deliver and based on what we built, the live site is running without any issue.

What our Customers are saying

They were competent and easily understood our needs.

Daniele Nardin

Co-Founder, Rand Solutions


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