Portfolio - Myvyou

About the project

Mr. Lon Sherrit, wanted team Openweb Solutions to develop a web based system for the Boston Children Hospital, that can help teen-agers to quit drug! When we first heard about the project, honestly we were not 100% sure that it is do-able. Firstly, this application was falling in the genre of artificial intelligece and machine learning in terms of algorithmic complexity, and secondly we did not have hands-on experience in executing a project of that scale and complexity.

Lon, however is an outstanding leader, and he knew what he was going to achieve. He is almost sixty, and he is a genious! He himself lead our team helped us derive the algorithms, interfaces of the interactive application, and also guided us to secure the application in a manner that it is almost impossible to hack!

Myvyou is thus an interactive therapy application, that simulates a doctor, who, based on different inputs of the patient suggests different therapy. It is a hugely successful application that helped many youngsters to quit drug and resume a normal life. Thanks to Lon, who not only hired us, but also inspired and guided us to develop something that makes us still feel good!