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Our custom Legal software designed and developed to help you execute your production and crop marketing decisions.

Custom Legal Software

As Legal industry is gearing up to bring IT into their operations they are looking for software vendors who has past experience and capability to provide custom built technology solutions in this domain.

At Openweb Solutions we empower law firms and legal service providers to deliver better outcomes for clients. Our solutions are designed to improve the quality of legal services.

Advantages of Law Management Software Suit

  • Increase Your Productivity
  • Keep track of claim numbers
  • Create workflows with detailed tasks
  • Manage clients & meetings
  • Get real time insights

Our Offerings -

Law Firm Management Software - Custom law firm management software development including attorney practice management software, case / matter management, e-discovery, courtroom, and Virtual Law Office (VLO) systems. Development of cloud-based platforms, mobile applications, customizable user interfaces, reports, client communications among other features.

Centralized databases - We develop centralized databases for law firm practice management software including client information, conflict of interesting checking, trust accounting and retainers, document management, scheduling / calendaring, docketing, time tracking, billing, and accounting.

Case management software - Development of law firm case management software including matter management applications, intuitive case and matter filing system, workflow automation, database search, database import / export, conflict checking, plus support for multiple file formats, file attachments, e-mail correspondence / integrations, and sharing functions.

Legal Hold Software - Our developers design legal hold software tools including automation for eDiscovery, custodian identification / interviews, hold notifications / reminders, compliance portals, automated data collections, ligation hold and data preservation, plus custom integrations with enterprise matter management and HR systems.

Legal Calendaring & Time Tracking - Development and synchronization of calendaring / docketing applications to coordinate with court dates, track billable time, automated time capture from calendar / documents / tasks, activity codes (custom and American Bar Association (ABA) defined), stopwatch, tracking expenses, schedule tasks, manage appointments / conflicts, and set reminders.

Accounting software solutions - We program law firm accounting software solutions such as general ledger applications, automated IRS tax preparation, financial reporting, client account balances, audit trails, and Interest On Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA) accounting features.

Law Firms Analytics Software – We program case analytics features including support for analyzing text, images, databases, web sites, audio / video, malware, applications, e-mail, and other data types, plus robust reporting for audit, cases, malpractice alerts, matter profit/loss reports and identifying case insights / data trends.

Client Portal Module - We engineer secure client portals for direct importing of client data, documents, case / matter files, secure messaging, plus communicating and sharing information with clients and co-counsel. Both desktop and mobile device access for client's billing, invoices, and payments.

At Openweb Solutions we offer a lot more than your standard law management software. Book your demo now to see how will help you:

  • Stay more organized
  • Meet deadlines
  • Access files on the go
  • Get more clients
  • Increase firm profitability

Book a personalized demo with a software advisor is the best way to see what we can do for you. If you have any questions,

Call us at +1 813-489-6759 to run a more efficient, more profitable farm and speak with our business analyst to hire the perfect expert for your project!

Why hire Openweb Solutions for farming software development?

  • Serving legal industry for more than 5 years
  • Knowledgeable business analysts and project managers
  • Highly skilled technology team
  • Development to Deployment - We do everything.
  • Superior infrastructure and backup
  • Systematic workflow including version control and CI.
  • Multiple layers of testing to ensure flawless functioning.
  • Performance optimized, properly documented code
  • 24x7 post development support on demand
  • Excellent communication and flexible approach.


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