Portfolio - ulula

About the project

Mr. Manu Kabahizi is a reknowned technology entrepreneur in Canada. He is originally from The Republic of Rwanda, but has been raised in Canada. Having served the IT industry as a solution architect and product manager for over a period of 15 years, Manu knows very well what exactly is needed for the accomplishment of his project.

He started with a small portion of work with team Openweb Solutions, and with a satisfactory result, he uncovered the bigger picture, which turned out to be a much bigger project than what we were told initially :)

Ulula is the very first project where we introduced AngularJS. Manu, having an eye to think ahead of his time in terms of technology, insisted us to develop the system using Laravel 5.1 and AnagularJS, which was a very young stack at that time (January, 2014). Team Openweb went on with what was instructed and the great application was built!