Portfolio - plaghunter

About the project

Plaghunter is a web application developed using codeigniter and a bunch of web APIs to track and protect image theft ! This tool protects your images from being stolen or being un-ethically used by others. Plaghunter has an unique algorithm, that crawls world wide web, and finds duplicate of the provided images.

Plaghunter is the venture of Mr. Marco Verch from Germany, who is a game enthusiast and programmer himself! Marco, selected Openweb Solutions for this project, and now it is a famous name in the internet. One of the most successful projects developed by our company.

This application is developed using codeigniter framework and numerious API has also been implemented. The user can import media from cloud accounts like dropbox and 500px and run duplicate check routine for each of the digital assets. Plaghunter is very popular and useful for photographers and artists, who sell their digital media assets and ensuring privacy is a mandate for them.