Portfolio - NightmotorsSport

About the project

Nightmotorsports is a complete e-commerce website for selling car-parts. Istvan Klag (aka Steve) is a die hard fan of automobiles and motorsports. He owns a chain of garage and car repair facility in USA as well.

Steve wanted to rebuild his ecommerce website that was not performing well. He wanted Openweb Solutions to do this for him. We took the challenge and developed the website in just 2 months.

The main challenge was that Steve wanted the website to be completely custom built, without using any off-the-shelf skeleton products like magento, prestashop or wordpress. Additionally there was a requirement of intelligent product upload feature, that would automatically generate the product codes for different car parts, and the code will identify the association of the cart-part with a car of specific make, model and year. So overall, developing the entire application with all the features was a real challenge itself.

Thanks to the spirited effort of team Openweb Solutions - We accomplished the target! We used codeigniter framework and custom libraries to develop the ecommerce website.
Later we also developed a few features to optimize the performance of the website. Steve later reported a 400% increase in sales with his new website and extremely glad with our service.