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Chatbot software is just like, conversational agent providing a unique, interactive and personal way for users to get assistance on your website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It provides the preliminary support so that your customer service executive can concentrate on other tasks.

Our chatbots acts like a guide taking customers on a tour of the website, providing answers, and even helping in their shopping decisions. Even in complex situations it knows when to escalate the problem to human customer service desk.

Few features of our chatbot includes:

  • Out-of-the-box avatars
  • Multilingual support
  • Essential knowledge base
  • Analytics software running in backend for continuous improvement
  • push relevant web pages
  • take customers on website tours
  • It supports text-to- text, text-to- speech, speech-to- text, and speech-to-speech communications
  • Easy to use / integrate in Web applications

Application of Chatbots in various industries -

  • Banking - Automate and interact with customers using a captive user interface that will only leave your audience delighted.
  • Insurance - Connect with members, agents, broker, customers and providers for instant insurance solutions.
  • E-commerce - Engage and entice with a personal touch to be the shopping assistant everyone is looking for.
  • Automobile - Conduct automated chats for test drive booking, sales follow up, online booking, store locator, feedback and much more!
  • Travel - Interact to encourage, entice and ensure the journey taken by our customers is everything they had planned for in their dream.
  • Logistics - Get over boring and complicated interfaces. Let chatbots drive a persona into your daily conversational commerce.
  • Telecom - Simplify your interactions with customers, automate daily communication and ease up on support process.
  • Health - Give your customers a tour of the world of health and fitness. Provide a personal touch to fitness with a conversational chatbot.
  • Take customers on website tours
  • It supports text-to- text, text-to- speech, speech-to- text, and speech-to-speech communications

We develop chatbots in a customized manner for your business needs!

Call us at +1 813-489-6759 to speak with our business analyst and hire the perfect expert for your project!

Why hire Openweb Solutions for Chatbot development?

  • Serving Automation for more than 5 years
  • Knowledgeable business analysts and project managers
  • Highly skilled technology team
  • Development to Deployment - We do everything.
  • Superior infrastructure and backup
  • Systematic workflow including version control and CI.
  • Multiple layers of testing to ensure flawless functioning.
  • Performance optimized, properly documented code
  • 24x7 post development support on demand
  • Excellent communication and flexible approach.


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